The Hardware Recommendations

CARAT Kitchen design

The CARAT Kitchen design program has been created in such a way, that it can run on as many different computer systems and configurations A configuration designates the specific program settings or hardware components in a computer. as possible. However, in some cases the variety of configurations can lead to limitations. Therefore, we would subsequently like to give you some important information for the purchase or replacement of a computer system.


We can assess computer systems that are not available for testing, only based on their components. The examination of the information about a computer system sent by you takes place on the following criteria:

Hence follows that an assessment whether the CARAT design program can run properly on such a computer system, can only be given global and without obligation.

A short overview of the current hardware-configuration (recommendation)

Hardware Recommendation Stand: 19.09.2023


Note: Please also note our special Information about EDP Electronic Data Processing (EDP) is the comprehensive term for the collection and processing of data through electronic machines.-systems advice, for a smooth interaction between hard- and software! See also: Information about EDP-Systems